Fix Drive D: E: F: Is Not Accessible The Request Could Not Be Performed Because Of An I O Device Error

Almost every hard drive errors can be fixed by running the Check disk utility on Windows 10. However, in some special cases, Chkdsk might not work as well as expected. There might be various reasons why Chkdsk fails to work, like malware attack, system file corruption, etc. Do you have other methods to check hard drive space Windows 7? Do you have other methods to free up disk space Windows 7? Please leave comments in the following zone for sharing.

The Memory Management error is a common problem that can be caused by a lot of other problems with your computer. One or more of the solutions above should however be able to help you fix the problem. You can, however, click on “Stop” or “Pause” should you happen to see the missing data while the scan is running. By the way, you can also fix the blue screen 0x000000c5 by using the above solutions. But before using the SFC scan check, it is vital to make sure that the feature is working correctly. It is generally a command that will ensure the next command you execute will work as expected.

How to Fix A Hard Disk Problem is Preventing Windows from Starting

I’d be tempted to take the disk out of the NAS enclosure and mount it directly in a PC. Depending upon how Iomega engineered it, the data may or may not be readable. Probably you can format the drive to test it’s health and them reformat it once you put it back into the Iomega NAS enclosure. Step 2– Enter “cmd” followed by the “enter” key to open the command prompt. Press Windows key + S to bring up search, type “command prompt” or “cmd“. You must choose the operating system that you would like to repair.

  • If you see no drive in the list, then you probably should try to replace drive or SATA-cables.
  • Thus you may also check the disk in your Windows 11.
  • Apart from hard drive or BIOS, the “A disk read error occurred” can result from faulty RAM stick or slot.

The problem was with date in BIOS, after I set it to current, everything started working. It happend because I turned off power supply for too long. There’s one important thing that wasn’t mentioned here, and in most cases responsible for this error message. Replace the CMOS battery, should be done every 3 years. Windows has lost boot data if the battery is weak, will try to boot to any connected device and may not locate the hard drive. Listed below are some of the possible solutions we came across to fix the “A disk read error occurred.

Run CHKDSK after Physical Damage

Windows will now attempt to find and repair any errors in your system files. If the scan finds errors, you may need to repeat the steps in this guide until it finds no more errors. To restart your computer, enter the exit command, then click the Restart button. When you’re ready to try booting into Windows again, remove the install disc and restart one final time. It was designed to fix system errors, corrupted files and Windows registry items that cause crashes.

Here, move to “Tools” and click on “Check” under “Error checking”. When complete, Windows will determine if errors are found or not. You can review a detailed report within Event Viewer by clickingShow Details. Then, right click the system drive where Windows 10 is installed, then click Properties.

Prepare: Recover Data from Unbootable Computer with 4DDiG Data Recovery Tool

Make sure to press “enter” after typing in the command. Disable the Automatic startup repair feature to fix startup repair fails. By turning this feature off, your PC will stop Windows from restarting your computer when it encounters an error. Once your PC starts, you will be able to see multiple options for safe mode. However, several other factors can contribute to the startup automatic repair issue. So, let’s look at some of the most typical causes and some potential solutions to this problem.

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